About Me

Hi, my name is Cliff. I started flying U-Control at age nine. First plane was a P40 Warhawk that self destructed on its maiden flight. Well, maybe not exactly self destructed. Might of had a little help from me and my dad.  Regressed to a blue and white PT19 trainer that lasted much longer.

Enlisted in Air Force after high school with fantasies of becoming a fighter pilot. Yeah. Right.

Built first RC airplane in mid eighties, a Hobby Shack kit with Magnum 40 engine. Just like the P40 and PT19 of my youth, the second Hobby Shack kit lasted much longer.

Received pilot’s license in early nineties. Owned a Cherokee 140. By now was also flying my own RC airplane designs.

Designed and built an ultra-lite with Rotax two-stroke engine in mid nineties. Actually, the plane came from a kit that I redesigned considering the original had a reputation for killing pilots. Flew it for years. Most enjoyable seat of your pants flying ever with nothing but the horizon to determine straight and level flight, a string to help make coordinated turns and a wrist altimeter for instrumentation. The best part is it never crashed. Not even once. I swear.

After mastering the art of flight, yeah right, in 2004 decided to leave flying to learn sailing. Loved sailing almost as much as flying.

Retired from my desk job in 2010 and sailed around the Pacific.

Returned to flying RC in 2013. Drawn back into the hobby by the new kickass technologies: Lipo Batteries and Brushless Motors and 2.4GHz transmitters and receivers. No more gooey messes and smells, just pure good clean fun. The planes I wanted that were capable of doing the kind of flying I wanted to do were either too costly or made of Styrofoam, so again began designing my own airplanes.

After discovering that sailing was as expensive as flying I realized I was failing retirement in 2017 and decided to open a KickAss online electric radio control store. No brick and mortar building. No employees. That doesn’t mean I won’t get a brick and mortar building with employees should the need arise, but for now I’d just like to spend my time building my stock and getting to know my customers so I can supply them with what they want at KickAss prices.

If there is anything in particular you’d like me to stock then please drop me a line and I’ll do my best to get it on the shelves as quickly as possible. Also use my Contact Me page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on. Or just say Hi.

Thanks, and happy flying…